Language/Format: IDL
Application type(s): Analysis, Visualization
Related project(s): PARASOL, POLDER


Anapol is an IDL graphic interface for POLDER and PARASOL data visualization and analysis.

The functionalities of the program are :

  • Selection of the region of interest from coordinates or using the mouse over a browse image
  • Visualization of non-directional and "directional" parameters
  • Multi-parameter false color composites
  • Automatic or user-based min-max range.
  • Animation of successive POLDER sequences (for directional parameters)
  • Overlap of viewing geometry angles (for directional parameters)
  • Extraction of individual pixel values
  • Plots of parameter histograms
  • Plots of parameter directional signatures, with several options for the angle of interest.
  • Image saving in Jpeg format
  • Data saving in HDF-EOS format

For a complete description of Anapol capabilities, see the anapol.ppt file in the package.



You can use Anapol either with or without an IDL licence.

with a license

Download the whole package :


without a license

In this case, you should download the free IDL Virtual machine at

When you run the Virtual machine, select the following compiled module :



Some outlines examples :

anapol area selection
anapol data analysis
anapol data visu
Author(s): Francois-Marie Bréon, Marie-Pierre Moine (LSCE)