Language/Format: C
Application type(s): Data Conversion
Related project(s): MSG


converts a FIS file (FORMAT IMAGE STANDARD, .fis extension) into a RAW file

The FIS format is one of the numerous formats in which MSG (METEOSAT SECOND GENERATION) data are provided. In order to let the user read easily the content of such files without bothering with a new format, fis2raw converts it into a simple raw file (a simple binary array of values with no header).


  • unfortunately, at the author's knowledge, the FIS format does not provide information about the signed or unsigned nature of the values, so you will have to figure it out by yourself.


fis2raw [-v]  <fis_file>
    <fis_file> an MSG file in FIS format [REQUIRED]
    -v: makes fis2raw display the number of values in the output raw file and the size in bytes of each value


Source can be downloaded here :


Package can be browsed here :




  • a C compiler


Build the application by running

> make all

If successfull, the fis2raw tool will be situed in the root directory.


Copyright (C) 2006 Icare -

Fabrice Ducos,

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Author(s): Fabrice Ducos (ICARE - LOA - Univ. of Lille)