HDF compressor

Language/Format: C++
Application type(s): Data Conversion
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The hdfcompressor tool copies a source HDF file and compress its SDS data, using a gzip algorithm.


At this time, only the file/SDS attributes and SDS data are supported. The VData, VGroup... are ignored.

The build process supports only the UNIX/LINUX platforms


hdfcompressor infile outfile  [compression-level]
    infile  a valid and existing HDF file [REQUIRED]
    outfile path to the compressed output file [REQUIRED]
    [compression-level] gzip compression level, from 0 to 9 [OPTIONAL]. If not set, 6 is used by default


Source can be downloaded here :


Package can be browsed here :





First, set the pathes to the HDF4 library by defining the environment variables

  • HDF_INC=<HDF4-includes-directory> , where <HDF4-includes-directory> contains the HDF4 library includes : hdf.h, mfhdf.h...
  • HDF_LIBDIR=<HDF4-libraries-directory>, where <HDF4-libraries-directory> contains the HDF4 libraries : libdf.a ( or libdf.so ), libmfhdf.a ( or libmfhdf.so )

If you are using the bash shell, this can be done via the export command :

> export HDF_INC=&lt;HDF4-includes-directory>
> export HDF_LIBDIR=&lt;HDF4-libraries-directory>

Of course, replace <HDF4-includes-directory> and <HDF4-libraries-directory> by the real pathes on your system.


Build the application by running

> make

If successfull, the hdfcompressor tool will be situed in the bin directory. You can also use the library contained in the lib directory


Copyright (C) 2010 Icare - https://web-backend.icare.univ-lille.fr

Nicolas PASCAL, nicolas.pascal@icare.univ-lille1.fr

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Author(s): Nicolas Pascal (ICARE)